Working Papers

Recession CEOs and bank risk taking, with M. Hua (Swansea) and W. Song (Southampton).

Female Small Business Owners in China: Discouraged, not Discriminated, with M. Caglayan (Heriott-Watt), L. Xiong (Robert Gordon).

Social media and price discovery: the case of cross-listed firms, with R. Fan (Swansea) and V. Tran (Reading).

Liquidity, Seasonality, and Distance to Universities: The case of UK rental markets, with O. Yilmaz (Swansea) and J. Jia (Swansea).

The Flood that Caused a Drought, with A. Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy(Lehigh) and N. Vu (NHS)

Bank Liquidity and Exposure to Industry Shocks, with J. Arias (Middlesex) and A. Tsapin (National Bank of Ukraine).

The Voice of Monetary Policy, with Y. Gorodnichenko (UC Berkeley) and T. Pham (Reading)

'Liked', 'Shared', 'Commented': Central Bank Communication on Facebook and Twitter, with Y. Gorodnichenko (UC Berkeley) and T. Pham (Reading)

Online Salience and Charitable Giving: Evidence from SMS Donations, with C. Perroni (Warwick), K. Scharf (Birmingham) and L. Vi (Birmingham).