Working Papers

Social network, sentiment and political outcomes: Evidence from #Brexit and #USElections, with Y. Gorodnichenko (UC Berkeley) and T. Pham (Reading) highlighted in more than 1,000 media sources, including The Times, The Times IINY Times, BBC, Business Insider, Business Insider IIBusiness Insider III, Business Insider IV, The Economist, The Guardian, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Reuters,, STVThe Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Daily Mail II, The SunYahoo! News UK, London Evening Standard, Globe, US NewsThe Independent.

Shock contagion, asset quality and lending behavior, with T. Pham (Reading) and A. Tsapin (National Bank of Ukraine).

Recession CEOs and bank risk taking, with M. Hua (Swansea) and W. Song (Southampton), revision requested.

What does not kill us makes us stronger: the story of repetitive loan rejections, with M. Caglayan (Heriot-Watt) and L. Xiong (Robert Gordon).

Street-level bureaucracy: best to be grey (or silver) on Friday, in Halifax, with S. Hargreaves Heap (Kings).

Branch network structure, authority and lending behavior, with T. Pham (Reading) and A. Tsapin (National Bank of Ukraine).

Conference presentations and academic publishing, with Y. Gorodnichenko (UC Berkeley) and T. Pham (Reading), highlighted in VoxEU.

CEO-subsidiary relationships and banks’ risk-taking behaviour, with K. Ly (Nottingham) and L. Tran (Reading), revision requested.

Herding Behaviour in P2P Lending Markets, with M. Caglayan (Heriot-Watt) and W. Zhang (Tianjin).

What does not kill us makes us stronger: The story of repetitive consumer loan applications, with M. Caglayan (Heriott-Watt), L. Xiong (Robert Gordon) and J. Zhang (Tianjin), revision requested.

Female Small Business Owners in China: Discouraged, not Discriminated, with M. Caglayan (Heriott-Watt), L. Xiong (Robert Gordon).

Asset mispricing in loan secondary markets, with M. Caglayan (Heriot-Watt), Tho Pham (Reading) and X. Xiong (Tianjin), revision requested.

Tournament Incentives, Age Diversity and Firm Performance: Evidence from China, with M. Zhang (St Andrews) and S. Yin (Sheffield)

Social media and price discovery: the case of cross-listed firms, with R. Fan (Swansea) and V. Tran (Reading).

Wage Setting and Unemployment: Evidence from Online Job Vacancy Data, with O. Faryna (National Bank of Ukraine), T. Pham (Reading) and A. Tsapin (National Bank of Ukraine).

Liquidity, Seasonality, and Distance to Universities: The case of UK rental markets, with O. Yilmaz (Swansea) and J. Jia (Swansea).

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